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Traditional Egyptian dishes


The Egyptian Cuisine is considered as a mystery of a lot of tourists that they don't know a lot about the most famous food, drinks and dessert and thier ingredients. traditional Egyptian food isn't fancy but simple and that is make it very special, different and tasty. This is another reason to visit Egypt. If you come to Egypt you must try at least one of the Egyptian dishes.

What is the weather in Egypt


Since the old eternity Egypt is a destination for many people to explore its unique civilization, civilization of seven thousand years. Know about its large history and gaze its charm natural. So, it is extremely important know about the weather, climate and the seasons in Egypt before coming.

The Progress of the Grand Egyptian Museum


The museum will be an international gateway of communication between museums all over the world.

Most Popular Egyptian Dishes you must Eat When Visiting Cairo


the Egyptian cuisine is considered a mystery for many travelers. Food regard as a great and important part of any culture and the Egyptian cuisine is very tasty and delicious