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Nile River Cruises


Nile cruises have provided the easiest, most enjoyable introduction to the country's cultural treasures.

The best time to visit Egypt


You should know the best time and the weather of any country you want to visit it. For this reason, I'm here to help you to know the answers of these questions about Egypt best time to visit it and the weather in the most attractive touristic sites

Christmas in Egypt


Egypt in the celebrations of the Christmas and the New Year is very colorful and glowing with lights, fireworks, games and music. And the festivals bring spirt of joy, love and cooperation between all the sects in Egypt.

What is the weather in Egypt


Since the old eternity Egypt is a destination for many people to explore its unique civilization, civilization of seven thousand years. Know about its large history and gaze its charm natural. So, it is extremely important know about the weather, climate and the seasons in Egypt before coming.