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Visiting the Pyramids of Giza

Visiting the Pyramids of Giza



The Pyramids of Giza are one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of ancient world until know. The Great Pyramids of Giza are Khufu, Khafre and Menkuare. The Great pyramids of Giza are one of the oldest and largest structure all over the world. the Great Pyramid of Giza "Khufu Pyramid" is the last wonder still standing from the ancient wonders of the world.


Visiting the Pyramids of Giza is on a top of many people's bucket list. Visiting the pyramids of Egypt is must, as their brilliance is unlike anything else.


Who built the Pyramids of Giza?


The pyramids date back to 2560 BC. The second ruler of the Fourth Dynasty, Pharaoh Khufu who ordered to built them. for a long time, it was believed that the Giza Pyramids were built by aliens or Jewish slaves. This theory back to the ancient Greeks.


In 2010 an archeological team discovered several new tombs that belonged to the workers who built the pyramids of Khufu and Khafre. Archeologists agreed that if they were slaves, they wouldn't be buried very close to the tomb of their king. In fact, the workers were local -skilled Egyptians who lived in the villages near the pyramids, working under Khufu's supervision.


When were the Pyramids built?


The Pyramids of Giza were built during the 4th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, around 2613-2498 BC. The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the oldest and the largest of the pyramids, was built 2589-2566 BC.


Where are the pyramids?


The pyramids are located within the Pyramids complex on Giza Plateau almost 25 km (15 miles) south-west of Downtown Cairo. the pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile where the sun set as the ancient Egyptians believed that the east side of the Nile was for living and the west side was for dead.


Top Tips for visiting the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt


It is important to be prepared and know more if you're visiting the pyramids especially for the first time.


Basic things you should know


If you go only to the pyramids no with a group, you will have to walk to from the entrance. It is not far. It's about 8-minute walk. You will enjoy with amazing view of the Pyramids from the sand dunes while you walking. You can rent a camel or a horse if you don't want or can’t walk.


If you want to take photos you can choose between horses or camels. Some people find camels are quite uncomfortable. But finally, it is your choice.


 How to get the Pyramids?


If you stay in a hotel nearby the pyramids. It is so simple; you can walk up easily to the main entrance to the site.


On the other hand, if you stay in downtown Cairo, the best thing for you is a pre-arranged transfer.  You can take a taxi or Uber.


Prices of Giza Pyramids Ticket


General site entrance tickets are 200 EGP ($9) with additional tickets for the pyramids themselves. The site opens everyday between 8 am and 5 am from October to March, and 7 am to 7 pm every day between April and September. Most tour buses arrive around 9:30 -10 am, so if you want to experience the site when it's less busy.


Can you go inside the Pyramids?


Yes, you can go inside the pyramids. It is not so exciting as the inside of the tombs at the Valley of the Kings. You can visit the middle pyramid of the three satellite pyramids of the Queen of Cheops for free. There are no mummies inside because they were moved to the Egyptian Museum.


Can you climb the Pyramids of Giza?


In the past people were able to climb the pyramids freely. But now, officially no. but in reality, it depends. Maybe policemen let you climb it. They can let the tourists climb a few blocks of the pyramids. If you start climbing on your own, they'll yell at you and might even get arrested.


How to See the Sphinx?


The Great Sphinx of Giza is located at Giza Plateau. The statue is with a head of a human and the body of a lion. There are two spots you can see the sphinx through them. firstly, you should check your tickets through the building in the side of sphinx to make sure that you paid the entrance fee to the pyramid complex. From this angle you'll see the side of the Sphinx, but not the front. No all people can go in front the Sphinx only special groups are allowed to go or if you want you will pay extra fee.


Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids


Sound and light show at the pyramids are take place every evening. In these shows they narrate the history of the ancient Egyptians by dramatic combination of storytelling, lights and music.


What to wear at the pyramids?


It is important wear a comfortable footwear as you will walk large distances and you may enter inside the pyramids. Take a hat, sunglasses and bottled water with you. You must dress appropriate to the culture, be careful to cover your legs and arms specially in local areas and mosques.


Don't forget to see the ship?


There is a structure that contains a ship that brought the stones to build the pyramids. Don't forget to see it before leaving.