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The Grand Egyptian Museum will finally open its door in 2020

The Grand Egyptian Museum will finally open its door in 2020




If you a fan of Egypt or planning a trip to visit Egypt, sure you heard about the Grand Egyptian Museum. It is one of the most anticipated openings in the world. it is constructed on 500,00 square meters and located near the Giza Pyramids.


According to Khaled El-Anany the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, the new Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is set to be officially inaugurated in 2020, saying the ministry has strict directives from the country's political leadership for the opening to held that year.


  AL-Anani announced that the Grand Egyptian Museum (GMS)'s construction has been completed at 90 percent and it will open in the last quarter of 2020.


 El-Anany said that the terms and conditions booklet will be ready soon for the Emirati company and international consortiums that have said they will be bidding to administer the facility.


The Great Egyptian Museum will be a world-class facility will add not only to Egypt's tourism but also to Egypt's economy and the local community.


The GEM is expected to be one of the largest museums in the entire world presenting a heritage devoted for a single civilization


Egyptian authorities hope that ceremony of the GEM's opening will be attended by kings and presidents from many countries. In addition to the opening will be seen by billions across the world.


The entry fees of the GMS will be LE 400 (about $25), with 50% off for students. The price for Egyptians is LE60 (about US$3.75).


It is expected that more than 15 million tourists will visit Egypt in 2020.


The GEM's Location


The GEM is located near the Giza Plateau less than two miles from it. It will be the gateway between the Pyramids of Giza and the modern city of Cairo. the Grand Egyptian Museum will contain parks, gardens, cafes, restaurants, a conference area, children's area, observation areas, an amphitheater, and workshop areas, in addition to the museum space. GEM complex will include also a fire station and energy center. The construction of the museum began in 2006 but slowed down due to the outbreak of the revolution of 25 of January.


-The GEM will house over 100,00 artifacts


Not only the Grand Egyptian Museum will contain more than 100,000 artifacts from all Egypt spanning 7000 years of Egyptian history. But also, it will have virtual exhibits. As well as, the museum will connect with other local and international museums and this will be by providing an international center of communication.