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The Grand Egyptian Museum Design

The Grand Egyptian Museum Design






 The Grand Egyptian Museum is a class-world museum and will be the largest archaeological museum in the world. the Grand Egyptian Museum will exhibit the most valuable historic treasures of Egypt. it will contain over than 100,000 artifacts from all over Egypt. it is located in Giza plateau between Giza Pyramids and Cairo.it is one of the most anticipated openings in the world. the Grand Egyptian Museum is now about 90% complete and it will be opened in the last quarter of 2020. It will cost around 1 billion-dollar. Grand Egyptian Museum is considered a great addition not only to the Egyptian tourism but also to the Egyptian economy and the local community.


 -The Design Competition


-on January 2002, there was a competition for the design of the museum. the dead line of registration was in April and the dead line of entries on August of the same year. Entry fee was $350.


-The organizers received 1557 entries from 83 countries. The organizers selected 20 entries to move to the second stage from November 2002 to March 2003.


-In the second stages the 20 teams were demanded to present sections and elevations, different perspective views, views of the interior and views of the entire complex, along with a model and a written report.


-The winner was Heneghan Peng Architects from Dublin, Ireland. They got $250,000.


-The first 20 entries received prize of $ 10, 000 each.


-The second winner got $150,000 and the third winner got $100,00.



-Design Details of Grand Egyptian Museum



-the Design of the museum looks like the pyramids and it builds on 50 m level difference on the terrain to make the structure doesn't extend above the plateau.


-The building of the museum is shaped exactly like a chamfered triangle in the plan.


-The design of the museum utilizes the level difference to construct a new "edge" to the plateau. It is a surface defined by a veil of translucent stone that transforms magically from day to night.


-The museum is located on 2 km away from the Pyramids of Giza.


-The northern and southern walls of the museum line up with the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Menkaure.


-The design of museum including the latest advanced technology, such as the virtual reality.


-The museum will be an international gateway of communication between museums all over the world.


-The GEM will contain conference center, training center, children's museum and workshops like the ancient pharaonic places


-A 3-dimensional structure inscribed by a set of visual axes from the site to the three pyramids defines the framework within which the museum emerges, from the overall scale of the site to the smallest of details.


-The approach of the museum is a series of layers, whereby the visitor moves through a monumental forecourt, a shaded entrance area and a grand staircase that ascends to plateau level, the level at which the galleries are located where the visitor for the first time sees the pyramids from within the museum


-The grand staircase of the museum will be 64m-long,24m-high,85m-wide at the bottom and 117m-wide at the top. It is designed to enhance the grandeur of the museum and also display the artefacts in a chronological order.