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Most Popular Egyptian Dishes you must Eat When Visiting Cairo

Most Popular Egyptian Dishes you must Eat When Visiting Cairo



Egypt is famous of its civilization and long history. Egypt is known with the Pyramids, Sphinx, mummies stunning beaches and scuba diving. But the Egyptian cuisine is considered a mystery for many travelers. Food regard as a great and important part of any culture and the Egyptian cuisine is very tasty and delicious. So, if you come to Egypt don't miss to try the traditional Egyptian dishes. In this article I'll shed light on the most popular Egyptian dishes which you have to try when visiting Cairo.




Koshary is one of the most traditional dishes in Egypt. It is known as a "poor man's dish" because it is a cheap and filling meal. It is popularly served on the street carts and restaurants. Koshary is made of rice, macaroni, and lentils and topped with chickpeas, onion, and a special tomato-vinegar sauce.


2-Tamaya or Falafel


It is a very popular street food. Falafel looks like fried meatballs or beef patties. It is made of fava beans, chickpeas or a mixture of both. The usually mixed with chopped onions and spices including parsley, coriander, cumin and fresh dill, then rolled into a ball and fried. It is usually served with Ful as the favorite breakfast for the most of the Egyptians. Falafel usually served with tahina and salad with the Egyptian bread. It is a perfect meal for vegetarians.


3-Ful Mudamas


Known as Ful. Ful is actually fava beans and it is the main breakfast dish for the Egyptians. It is very common and cheap. It related to the ancient Egyptians pharaohs. Fool is made of fava beans cooked with oil and salt. It usually served with aish baladi and pickled vegetables. You can add to it lemon juice, garlic or onion as you like.




Mahshi refers to stuffed grape leaves or cabbage. It is a very popular dish in most Mediterranean countries. It made from mixture of rice, onion, tomatoes, and various herbs and spices. Then the mixture stuffed into vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, green bell pepper and even tomato, cabbage or grape leaves. Later the stuffed vegetables are cooked in pot. The pot is filled with either beef or chicken broth.




It is a very traditional dish. It is very good choice for vegetarian people. It is a stew made up of a leafy green, chopped into tiny pieces and prepared in chicken, beef, rabbit, or seafood mixed with fried garlic and spices. It is served with rice or bread.


6-Macaroni Bechamel


    Macaroni Bechamel is a classic Egyptian dish that is very delicious and tasty. It is a version of lasagna or macaroni and cheese. It is made of made of rigatoni noodles, minced meat cooked in chopped onion and tomato paste, topped with the bechamel sauce.


 7-Kebda Eskandrani


Kebda Eskandarani is a kind of liver sandwich.it is a main Egyptian dish. It is one of Alexandria city prized food. It served in street food vendors or fast food shops. It made of chopped calf's liver, stir-fried with garlic, bell peppers and lemon. Spices are main in the recipe in addition to cumin, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom. Once cooked, it is stuffed into a fresh Egyptian baguette or bread roll and served with pickled vegetables.




Hawawshi is a popular grab and street food. It's served as a side dish in restaurants. It is a stuffed meat sandwich. It made of spiced ground beef or lamb, cooked inside a whole pocket of aish baladi bread in a traditional wood oven.  




Fattah dates back to pharaonic time. it serves usually in big feasts, religious festivals, celebrations such as weddings and birth of new baby. Fattah is the main dish in the first day of the Islamic feast (Eid-al-adha). It consists of rice, meat, crispy bread, vinegar and tomato sauce. The meat used in this recipe is lamb but we can use any other kind of meat such as beef or veal.


10-Hamam Mahshi


It is squab or young pigeon. To make it we pigeons are stuffed with freekeh (a cracked green wheat with a nutty flavor), chopped onions, giblets and spices. Then the bird grilled over a wood fire or spit-roast until its skin is golden brown and deliciously crispy.