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How the Grand Egyptian Museum is Going to Affect the Local Economy

How the Grand Egyptian Museum is Going to Affect the Local Economy





A class-world museum that is dedicated for single civilization, the Grand Egyptian Museum or Giza Museum. The Grand Egyptian will connect between Giza Pyramids and Cairo as it located at Giza. it sits on 491,000 square meters. It described as the largest museum in the world. it is one of the most anticipated openings in the world. it will be opened in the last quarter of 2020. it will cost more than $ 1billion. The museum will add not only to the Egyptian tourism but also to the Egyptian economy.


-How the Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to Boost the Local Economy of Egypt


The Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to increase the national income of Egypt after the financial instability that Egypt faced in the last decade. The construction of the museum has immediately added jobs for many Egyptians. Not only, but also the opening of the museum will create more jobs for the locals. It is expected rising the number of the tourists after opening the museum, and that will add more value to the Egyptian economy through tourism industry.


 In fact, the Grand Egyptian Museum has been and will continue to be, a push for the local business and the Egyptian economy directly and indirectly. Everything will benefit from the opening the Grand Egyptian Museum from tourist companies that offering custom private tours to Egypt, to hotels, to souvenir shops, and more places and persons will benefit from this new museum.


 Historically tourism played a great rule in the Egyptian economy and the drop in tourism all over the past few years has really affected on the economy in a negative way. Getting such an impressive world-class museum in Egypt just might be the push they want.


-How the museum is going to affect tourism


Egypt has suffered from tourism instability since the Revolution of 25 January 2011. As a result of the revolution the construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum was delayed and tourism which contributed more than 11% of the country's GDP, was hit pretty hard and has been slow recover. But since they have been starting in building the museum and everything is good and tourism begin to recover again.


Founder and CEO of Destinations and Adventures International, Jim Berkeley is changing his company's itineraries to account for the sheer scale of the new museum. "it's going to force everybody to recast their touring schedule in Cairo," he says." Heretofore, you really needed two full days of touring time, one day for the Giza Pyramids one day, and another half day for the Egyptian Museum half a day. The Grand Egyptian Museum is now going to be so massive; people are going to go twice. It's like trying to tackle the Louver. It's impossible in day."


Finally, several people and institutions will benefit directly and indirectly from this project, all in all, as it will have a positive and great impact on Egypt and the tourism industry.