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Grand Egyptian Museum Facilities

Grand Egyptian Museum Facilities






The 5,200,000 sq. ft. Grand Egyptian Museum or Giza Museum will be the largest museum in the world devoted to a single civilization. Expected to open in the last quarter of 2020. It will contain more than 100,000 artifacts all around Egypt from various historical periods. It located 2km away from the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The museum will connect between Giza plateau and Cairo. according to the director general of the museum, Tarek Tawfik' This will be the museum of the 21stcentury'. The museum will cost $1 billion.   



-Facilities of the Grand Egyptian Museum


-The museum extending over 490,00 meters square.it will include exhibition galleries, a conference center, land scaping, retail areas and restaurants.


-The museum will also, contain a 1,000-seat auditorium and three seminar rooms with 250 seats. In addition to meeting rooms, a business center and a gallery space. Research and educational facilities will be available at the large complex, too.


-The museum will also contain a permanent exhibition space of 24,000 meters square. Five galleries hosting the complete collection of Tutankhamen, and a solar boat. As well as, an atrium with a Ramses II statue, a children's museum and a large conservation center.


-The conservation center will contain special laboratories for cleaning, cataloguing and restoring artefacts.


-The landscape will comprise a 50ha site and will include gardens, outdoor leisure areas and access roads. A restaurant, ticketing facilities and other services will be housed in nearby support buildings.


-The museum will contain workshops similar to the old Pharaonic places.


-The restoration center is one of the most important spaces in the museum which sits on 32 thousand meters, 10 meters underground and by 300 m tunnel to the museum for transporting the artifacts after restoration.


-The museum will include 19 laboratories that manage all kinds of preserving and restoring the ancient Egyptian artifacts like a glass, vase and metal lab which handles all monuments, vessels or statues made from the non-organic substance.


 -The museum will contain a wood lab that manage the operation of restoration the items that made out of wood such as statues, covens, funerary objects, tools, ships, and sarcophagus.


-The museum will contain a stone lab which will takes care of all the statues on display from the colossal to the smallest ones.


-The museum contains micro-biological lab that protects the artifacts by discovering the types the living creatures which could cause the destruction of the monuments which the researchers eliminate by creating a chemical matter that will stop the progress of this life from hurting the artifacts.


- The museum will include a microscope scanner lab which contains all the tools needed for preparing and examining the samples before sending it to the microbiological lab.


-The museum will contain 'Mummies Lab' which is responsible for restoring all the mummies of all the queens, workers, kings and even animals such as cats & birds.