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Fun Facts About the Grand Egyptian Museum

Fun Facts About the Grand Egyptian Museum



 The Grand Egyptian museum described as the largest museum in the world. The museum also known as Giza Museum. It is located 2 km away from Giza Pyramids. It will be an international gateway that connect between local and international museums all over the world. it will be open in the final quarter of this year 2020. Opening the Grand Egyptian Museum will add not only to the Egyptian tourism but also to the Egyptian Economy.


-Fascinating Facts About the New Grand Egyptian Museum


    1 -The foundation stone of the Grand Egyptian Museum laid on January 2002 by the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, although in that time they didn't select any architectural or construction firms to build the new museum.


2- in 2003, the Irish architectural firm Heneghan Peng was awarded the main contract for the design of the Grand Egyptian Museum after an international competition. Almost 300 persons from 13 companies in 6 different countries took part in the design phase of the museum, according the Egyptian government.


3- Construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum passed with three phases:


 -The first phase called as "enabling works" which refers to the execution of tasks required to clear and secure the site and prepare it for the construction of buildings.


 -The second phase, they were built a fire station, an energy center to supply electricity and air conditioning to the site, an energy center to supply the site with electricity and air conditioning. As well as a world class restoration center apart from the main building of the museum.


 -The third phase include land excavation and contouring, the construction of the main museum building and site landscaping.  


4- The cost of the Grand Egyptian Museum was estimated to be around $ 500 million, but changes, delays and other factors have affected the final price until the total of the price is more than $1billion.


5- The first artifact be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum was an enormous 3,200 year- old statue of Ramses II that had stood previously in Ramses Square in down town. the government decided to transport the 83-ton statue out to the conservation center in 2006 despite the new museum wasn't complete at this time. in 2008, the statue was transferred to its final resting place at the GEM's main entrance.


6-The grand Egyptian Museum will host more than 100,000 artifacts including around 5000 items from the tomb of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamen.


7- Is expected around 15,000 visitors visit the Grand Egyptian Museum every day. This number is three times the number of people who visit the current museum (The Egyptian Museum) today. The number of the visitors will be more than 5 million visitors per year.


8- The Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum aren't close as the pyramids are located at Giza Plateau and the old museum is located in Tahrir Square in the center of downtown, and it is about 45-minute drive from one to another. Building the new Grand Egyptian Museum will be close the distances between the pyramids and the museum as it located 2 kilometers away from the pyramids, making it much easier for tourists to travel between the two sites and easing traffic congestion in both Cairo and Giza.