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Cairo Food Walking Tours

Cairo Food Walking Tours



The cuisine is a basic and important part in any culture. If you plan to come to Egypt, you must try the Egyptian food. The Egyptian cuisine id very simple but delicious and tasty. The Egyptian food is very delicious and different. There are many famous and delicious dishes in Egypt. every city in Egypt has its special and popular diches. In this article I'll talk about food tours in Cairo.


In Cairo you, you can discover Cairo's food, culture and history on foot. In Cairo there are many companies that offer food tours in down town Cairo and our company also represent special food tours for you to enjoy with all the kinds of food in Cairo. it will be a good experience for you to taste the Egyptian food and drinks with friendly private guide. Vegetarians options are available also.


In Cairo all options are available from eating in nice restaurants to hearty home-style cooking and eating in the streets. Don't miss the chance to take a bite out of this unique city.


The walking food tours is the perfect way to explore Cairo the lively city and explore the Egyptian cuisine and local culture in few hours. In this experience, not only you will taste the food but also you will see how street food operates, how to order, and how to spot the best stands.


Almost all the companies offer not only foodies experience but also local sightseeing through food tours and holiday packages. If you come to Cairo Egypt you don't miss seeing the only wonder still remaining until now from the ancient world the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. As well as they can visit other sites such as the Citadel of Salah el-din, the Egyptian Museum, Saqqara, Memphis, Dahshur, Old Cairo, Khan el-Khalili Market, el-Moez Street…etc.


Streets of Cairo are full of restaurants and carts of street foods. In Cairo streets you can find freshly cooked sandwiches of beans (fool) and tammya (Falafel) the most common breakfast for the Egyptians, shrimps and liver, koshary is the most famous local dish in Egypt, Hawawshi and fatir. And sure fresh juice, such as the most famous and loved one Aser Khasab (sugar cane), soubia, mango, guava, strawberries,…etc. don't miss trying the desert as the Egyptian are sweets lovers and you will find desserts shops everywhere that selling oriental deserts and sweets such as Kunafa, Basbosa, Mehalabia, rice with milk (roz be-laban)… etc.


In conclusion, Cairo tours walking is a different and special experience for any visitor who come to Egypt. these types of tours in general including visit most famous historical sightseeing in Cairo and have Egyptian food, drink a fresh juice or any other hot drink or tasting oriental desserts.