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Traditional Egyptian dishes

Traditional Egyptian dishes


Egypt full of many historical attractions like the great Pyramids, the sphinx and many temples like Karnak Temples, Komombo temple, Luxor Temple and the valley of the kings. Also, it has a unique nature with its genial weather and its stunning coasts on the coasts of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. But there is a very important thing that many people especially the tourists don't know about it, do you know what is it? It is the Egyptian cuisine. The Egyptian Cuisine is considered as a mystery of a lot of tourists that they don't know a lot about the most famous food, drinks and dessert and these ingredients. traditional Egyptian foodies another reason to visit Egypt. If you come to Egypt you must try at least one of the Egyptian isn't fancy but simple and that is make it very special, different and tasty. This dishes.

As the most countries of the Middle East, gathering and celebrating with family and friends around delicious food, is a big and important part in the Egyptian Culture. We can say also that the antient history of the old Egyptian effect on the Egyptian cuisine and give it many ideas to make its unique recipes today. In short, the past makes the present.


As you know food is a very large part of any culture.so, In the following words I'll be your guide to tell you about the most famous dishes in Egypt and the best restaurants in Cairo. all the regions in Egypt have the same dishes but every region put its especial spices and flavors to the dishes for this reason the taste maybe a little different from a region to other. That isn't mind that every region has its famous dishes for example in Cairo the most famous dish is Koshari and the coastal regions famous with sea food.


       The most famous Egyptian Dishes

   1- Fool Medammes

It is the common and staple dish in the breakfast in Egypt. Known as ful or (fool). Its ingredients are fava beans (broad beans) cooked with oil, salt. They say that this is the same way of the ancient Egyptian.  We can add another spice like pepper and cumin. Also, you can add garlic, lemon or onion if you like. Thee are many ways to prepare it and people eat it with butter, tomato, spicy oil, olive oil, sauce, pepper and pastrami. Also, it is eaten with eggs, cheese, pita bread and Tamiya. We can eat it in a sandwich as a quick breakfast. It has many essential nutrients like carbohydrates and iron. You can find it in the street carts and the most of the popular restaurant.

You can eat Fool in Cairo at:

Gad- Felfela-El Gahsh-Arabiata


Tamiya (Falafel) 2-

  It is a popular Egyptian food contain lots of unique, fresh flavor. It served and essential in the breakfast also along with fool, eggs, cheese and pita bread. It is a perfect dish for vegetarian people because it makes from fava beans with a mixture of a fresh combination of chopped cilantro, parsley, white onion, garlic and leek. And spices such as cumin, salt paprika and pepper.

You can eat ta'amya in Cairo at:

Felfela- El Gahsh- Zooba



One of the most traditional Egyptians food. Egypt most popular food and its national dish. it consumed at food carts in the street and the national restaurants. The ingredients are spaghetti, small round macaroni, black lentils, rice, tomato sauce, chickpeas and fried onions. You can add hot sauce if you like. It sounds heavy. It's known as "poor man's dish". There are many restaurants all over Egypt that make Koshary . almost in every street there is a Koshary shop. Koshari in Egypt now is a culture phenomenon. Also, it is the most popular Egyptian dish amongst tourists. 


You can eat koshary in Cairo at:

Koshary Abu Tarek- Koshary el-Tahrir- Tom and Basal 


It is one of the most favorites dishes in Egypt. All the Egyptian like this dish a lot and they always make it at home, it contains basically vegetables like zucchini, eggplants, bell peppers tomatoes, cabbage leaves, or grapevine leaves (similar dolma) and the rice filling consists of rice, herbs and tomato sauce. This dish is very perfect for the vegetarian people. You should try this dish if you come to Egypt don't let this chance.

You can eat Mahshi in Cairo at:

Cairo cinchen/ Felfela/ Abu-El- Sid



 It is one of the most traditions dishes in Egypt but there is a division about it. All the Egyptian don't like it but finally it is a good dish that has essential vitamins such iron, potassium, Vitamin C& Vitamin B6. It consists of leafy green that chopped into tiny pieces and cooked with garlic fried in beef, chicken or rabbit. It served with bread or rice. It is prepared differently in different areas in Egypt. For example, in the coastal areas as Alexandria they prepared it with fish or shrimp.

You can eat it in Cairo at:

Kebdet el-Prince- Abou el-Sid


Fattah is popular throughout the Middle East. There isn't a big difference among each country. in Egypt it consists of a rice dish made with fried pieces of bread, garlic, Inger, tomato sauce and lamb or beef. It back to the ancient Egyptian as it served in the feasts and celebrations as weddings and the birth of a new baby. And also, it is a main dish in the first day of the Islamic feast (Eid el-Edha)

You can Fatah in Cairo at:

Abou el-Sid- Casino el Hamam- Sabaya- Om Hassan


It is a very delicious local Egyptian dish. This dish is from the Middle East and Greece. Usually cooked from potato or eggplant but basically cooked from eggplant. We put also green pepper, slices of onion, chili , pepper and tomato sauce.

8- Shawarma

 It is not original Egyptian dish; it became so due to Egypt being part of the Ottoman Empire. It is made of chicken or beef with middle eastern spices. It is regarded as a common street food.

9- Hawawshi

 It is a very popular Egyptian food. It is made from minced meat with a variety of ingredients like parsley, pepper, and onion. You can add hot chilies or peppers to make it immensely spicy.


10- Macaroni Bechamel

  It made with macaroni, cheese, rigatoni noodles, minced meat, chopped onion, tomato sauce and bechamel sauce.

11- Hamam Mahshi

It is a grilled or roasted pigeon stuffed with  wheat, rice and aromatic herbs.

12-Kofta & Kebab

It is a meatball. The ingredients include lamb meat, beef or chicken. The meat minced with salt, cumin, nutmeg, black pepper, garlic, onion and parsley. They are served with Egyptian bread, salads and tahina.

13- Alexandria liver (Kebda eskandrany)

 It is a very famous street food. Its ingredients are liver, spicy pepper and garlic and you can add onion.


It is a green creamy mash prepared of parsley, dill, leek, grinded fava beans, spices, green pepper and fried onions. Served with the Egyptian bread and green onions.

15- Sayadeya

It is a traditional sea food platter made from white fish like bass, mullet or bluefish. It is cooked with yellow rice, onion, spices and tomato sauce. It is mainly cooked in coastal cities like Alexandria, port Said and Suez.



 It is a very traditional dish with pharaonic origins. It is a hit or miss even the Egyptian people. It is made from fermented mullet, salted and dried. Usually the Egyptian eat it in the Spring celebration called Sham el-Nasim. It is served usually with the Egyptian bread, salad, chopped onion and lemon.


The most famous dessert


It is the queen of the Egyptian dessert. It is made of baked noodles with cream, nuts and syrup. We can also add cheese or mango. It is common eating in the gathering and celebrating with family in the holy month Ramadan.


 It is a sweet cake made of semolina, soaked in sweet syrup. We can add nuts, heavy cream or plain.


3-umm Ali

Literary is the mother of Ali. This dish goes back to the 13th century to the Ayyubid dynasty. The legend say that Sultan Ezz El Din Aybak's wife made it for a victory celebration where it was made and shared amongst people. Since then it became famously after her. It is made of phyllo pastry, milk, double cream, nuts and we can put at the top raising, powered sugar, and coconut flakes.

4- Roz bel-laban (rice with milk/ rice pudding)

Rice cooked with milk. Sometimes cream(ishta). All Egyptian like it the children and adults alike. It is very nutritious.


The most famous drinks


Tea is more than just a drink in Egypt. It's more of a tradition that reflects their identities and personalities. The Egyptian drink tea all the time. Egypt is a ' tea country' and the Egyptian tea is a black tea. There are many types of the tea like tea with mint (bel na'na), tea with milk, sa'adi tea, licorice tea and green tea.


It is made from sepals of a flowering plant. It has health benefits one of these benefits is the reduction of blood pressure. The best thing about that drink that you can have it cold or hot.


3-Kasab (sugarcane juice)


 It is a unique Egyptian drink. Served cold it is a good way to keep cool in the hot days of the summer. Sugarcane is planted all mover the south of Egypt where temperatures and soils are perfect for it.

4- Sobia

It is a refreshing cool sweet drink made from coconut and milk. You can find in the most juice shops.