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The best time to visit Egypt

The Best Time to Visit Egypt

You should know the best time and the weather of any country you want to visit it. For this reason, I'm here to help you to know the answers of these questions about Egypt best time to visit it and the weather in the most attractive touristic sites. As you know and most people in the world known Egypt is a wonderful country. It has many majestic attractions. It has the most monuments all over the world. it Has a very unique nature different about the other countries. For this reason, it's the destination of millions of people every year all around the year. But in fact, there are months better than others to visit Egypt through.


The best months to visit Egypt is from September through to April. In these months, there are very popular times to visit Egypt, Christmas, New year and Easter. Although the summer months are very hot, but Egypt is a year-round vacation destination. 



Seasons and weathers

The temperature in Egypt is very high in general, particularly during the summer from May to August. If you'll visit Egypt in this time you should take a lot of sunscreen with you and drink lots of water. It is fine also to visit Egypt in this time there is not a problem the heat is more dry than humid.

In Winter, Cairo and Nile Delta can be cooler, especially in the nights. So, you must take a jacket, tops with long-sleeved and trousers. in the southern of Egypt, the weather is warmer at the day, but in the evenings the temperature low. Winter is the best time to visit Egypt, if you want to avoid the hot sun.

The perfect time to enjoy and gaze with sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling in the Red sea, Is in the shoulder months of September, March and April.

To be specified and by common consent, mid-March until mid-May and mid-September until mid-November are the best times to travel to Egypt. In Autumn the weather is very nice, as a hot sand wind. In Spring, there is a powerful, hot dessert wind called Khamsin it is an Arabic name mean(fifty) because the storm last for around fifty days between March to May. The storm can whip up vast amounts of sand at a speed of up tom 140 mph and it brings thick dust and sandstorms. the best advice for you for visiting Egypt is in Autumn or Winter, for the cooler temperature.


 So, which is the best month to visit Egypt?

October is the best month to visit Egypt, followed by April. And also, these are the most expensive months, comparing with March/ September prices, in these months there are good discounts. And you should try to avoid peak season (December and January) to avoid the crowds at the ancient sites like the Pyramids, Luxor and Abu Simbel.



What is the best time to visit the regions of Egypt?

The best time to visit Cairo 

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the most international flights arrive in Cairo. the most of the year the weather is nice in Cairo. specially in winter the wither is very good and the streets aren't crowded. If you want to visit any site in Cairo like the Pyramids or the the Egyptian Museum, the cooler temperatures are preferable for these reason plan for your trip to Egypt in January or December. And if visit another city with Cairo like Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm is preferable the months from October to April to enjoy with your whole journey


The best time to visit Luxor and Aswan

Luxor and Aswan are located in the deep down in the Sahara Desert. For this reason, you must avoid visit Luxor and Aswan in this time because the temperature is very high and the weather is very hot. You can't afford this weather even you drink tons of water, carrying umbrella or wearing hats. The best time to visit the sites in Luxor and Aswan like the Karnak temples, Luxor temple and the Valley of the kings is the winter and spring. In March, April, October and November because there is a good mixture between the grades of the weather in the days is not overly hot and nights pleasantly warm. It almost never ever rains in these places.


The best time to Visit Hurghada

The best time to visit the regions of the red sea like hurghada and Sharm el-Sheik is probably April, May, September and October. It's better avoids the winter. Because you 'll do diving, snorkeling and swimming and this will be very hard in the cooler temperature. Also, the summer is possible if you don't mind the heat.


The best time to the Nile Cruise

The best time to the Nile Cruise is between October to April. Because the weather is good in this time of the year. And you can go out of the cruise to see the sites like Karnak Temples and the Valley of the kings in a good weather and to avoid the hotter sun and don't feel so tired.


Best time to visit the Western Desert 

The best time to visit the desert is halfway between the Spring and Fall. It's not bad to go in the winter. We should be avoided the desert in the summer. In Spring, you should take care of sandstorms as a result of the annual Khamsin wind.


Visiting Egypt during Ramadan

there's no better time and chance to get up close and personal with the local culture from Ramadan. Ramadan is the Muslim holy month of fasting. In Ramadan Muslims don't eat, drink all the day. And because the majority of Egyptians are Muslims. The most of the restaurants, cafes and shops might be closed during the time of fasting. Ramadan is not applying to non-Muslims. So, you can eat and drink as you like.