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Nile River Cruise Ships

  Nile River Cruise Ships


 Nile Cruise



The Nile River is the longest river in the world and the father of African rivers. The Nile River is the lifeblood for the Egyptians. The Nile River also has a significant rule in the history of the ancient Egyptians. The Nile River cruise is the best way for you to explore the amazing history of the ancient Egyptians along the banks of the Nile River. You will explore Luxor Aswan and other cities such as Kom Ombo and Edfu.


Get around Egypt by a Nile River Cruise to visit our paradise. You can enjoy with the sunshine in winter. You will find the inner peace on the board of the Nile cruise and you will enjoy with meals and specially dinner under stars. The Nile River cruise is the perfect way to relaxation and take pleasure in your vacation.



-Choosing the right cruise ship

The most important two things you must choose them well: the ship and the guide.

Try to book with a good tour operator who will have checked the boasts they use for. The good option for you is the river ships operated by hotel groups such as SonestaMovenpickSheraton and Oberoi.

Styles-and prices are modified from ordinary to floating palaces and lowest luxury. Most of the boats may carry between 70 and 120 passengers and have four or five decks, a sun deck and a small pool.

The stylish Oberoi Zahra is considered the best boat in the Nile now. The boat has a big pool, a small fitness centre and a spa. There is another good option for you, the five-star MS Tulip, which has eight upper-deck junior suites with an outside terrace and two single rooms among its 40 cabins.


Dahabiya is a bit different. It is a traditional wooden ship. Sailing on one of these vessels is a cozy experience. Such as Sanctuary Zein Nile Chateau has four cabins and two suits.


Most boats on the Nile have twin or double beds. They have bathrooms with a shower, a hairdryer, safe and TV.


-Life on board

On board the breakfast and lunch are served in buffet-style, as the dinner is sometimes. In general, there is no service in the rooms. Almost all cruises are full board and some offer this inclusive of local drinks.


Most ships have a plunge pool with sun beds and towels or hot tub and a main lounge/piano bar where you can relax on comfortable sofas enjoying the panoramic view of the exotic moving scenery. Some ships may have a small gym, spa or massage room.


There are many ways of entertainment on the board of the ships. Most ships have DiscothequeBelly Dance ShowCaptain's Welcome Cocktail Party, fancy Galabia Party and Nubian Folkloric Show.



-Types of Nile cruises

Sailing on the Nile River is one of the best things to do in Egypt. it is the perfect way to experience the wonders of the amazing River Nile and its captivating scenery. There are many companies in Egypt that offer cruising at different levels- Standard Five Stars, Deluxe Five Star and Super Deluxe Five Star.


1-Standard Five Star

Standard Nile Cruises are an excellent option for those who are looking for a new ship with a good standard of   service and variety of the provided food to cruise the Nile. These cruises are so comfortable and a good experience for all ages. It has more informal atmosphere but individualized. The ships have all the basic amenities and cuisine that offers multiple of food. All cabins of the ships have private baths with showers. The individual cabins have air-conditioned, and television / radio. They have also, triple share cabins. Some examples of the Standard Five Star cruises are Lady DianaSun Rise Nile SarayReginaMiss WorldM/s Florence etc.


2-Deluxe Five Star

Deluxe five-Star Nile Cruises ships are more luxurious& spacious and include more modern and stylish amenities. The technique is more formal and personalized. Meals served in a buffet-style or ala-carte. For dinner, formal dress code. Rarely have children on board. Triple share cabins are available on them. at night the cruises offer traditional dance and music performances. some of cruise ships are M/S Royal VikingM/S Sun GoddessM/S Nile GoddessM/S FarahM/S Liberty etc.


3- Premium Five Star 

Cruise with the smartness, magic and dire comfort on the premium cruises. The premium cruises are Ultra luxury Nile cruises. The ships have stylish ambiance without being fussy. rooms are well decorated. There are elegant and spacious public areas. Ships have a good room service. The best of the international and local cuisines served onboard. Services are more personalized and staff to passenger rate is better.  In the dining area is not allowed casuals, shorts, or t-shirts. Dress code should be formal. normally children are not allowed onboard this ships and triple share cabins are not available on all ships. Onboard of these ships there are different ways of entertainment such as belly dancing, disco party, Nubian Shows and cocktails parties. Some examples of these ships are Moon GoddessStar GoddessZahraMovenpick Royal LilyAL HambraAmarco IIAlexandra the Great etc.


-What to Expect from a Nile Cruise ship

Here we are talking about the large cruise ships that operate between Luxor and Aswan and vice versa. Most Nile cruises start in Luxor and visit the popular sites of Esna, Edfu, and Kom Ombo before disembarking in Aswan. Other itineraries fly directly to Aswan and work their way north down the Nile to the same sights.


Nile cruise ships have around 70 cabins, accommodating c100-150 people with passengers each getting their own small cabin and with bathroom, such as a small hotel room. There are clearly about 300 of these ships that cruise up and down the Nile every day.


Most cruises will last at least three nights. There are several boats to choose from, ranging from traditional paddle steamer to luxurious modern cruise ships.


Your budget and personal preferences will determine which cruise you choose. 


 A private Egyptologist will guide you and your group to the ancient sights you will visit along the way.


Days start early to avoid the intense heat of the afternoon. All cruises also, tend to operate on a similar schedule (Which can lead to overcrowding at the docking sites and at the temples themselves).


Modern vessels have a swimming pool while some have nightly entertainment such as belly dancing shows, Nubian Shows, and cocktails parties.


Food onboard is usually excellent, ranging from generous buffets to set dinner menus.


-What does the ship itself look like and what facilities are on board


*The larger cruise boats consist of 5 levels:


Nile Cruise Trip



- level 1 the restaurant and the staff cabins in line with the water.

- level 2 a reception that may also include cabins and a shopping/ lounge area.

-level 3/4 for cabins and may also include a lounge area.

-level 5 a rooftop that may include a bar or pool, exercise area or massage. Some people had the dining on the rooftop too.




-Private bathroom with bath/shower.

- 2 beds- can be twin or made into double.

-Wardrobe with 2 life jackets, safe for valuables and extra blankets.


-Mini bar fridge

-2 chairs and a small table

-a small balcony