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Egypt is a safe place to visits

? Is Egypt Safe to visit


Many foreigners people ask this question 


? Is Egypt Safe to visit



Before coming to Egypt. I'll answer you in this article, 

I'm in shame to say that but Egypt isn't completely safe, 

in general Egypt is safe and you can come to Egypt and enjoy in the land of pharaohs,

In reality there are some places aren't very safe especially Sinai Peninsula with places on the Front era as Libya and Palestine,

We admit that there wasn't stability in Egypt,

especially after the revolution of January 2011,

The political situation and the security situation are unstable during the year of the revolution and in the 3 or 4 years after the revolution,

But the political situation stabilized now and is much safer than before and the people lives in a normal way,

despite there is not an economic unstable,

Despite the security situation in Egypt there are millions of people choose Egypt as unique destination to spend their vacations. And according to the reports of the travel agents there is a significant increase in booking in the spring of 2018 and by the end of the year,



9 million tourists had visited Egypt in comparison with 5.4 million in 2016,

That meaning the tourism company in its way to recovery and the security 

situation is better than before.

Also, if there are some terrorist attacks, there is not a very big danger because that happened in specific sites like churches and mosques (cause of the conflict between the minority of Christians and Muslims),

And these attacks are very normal and happened all over the world in the greatest countries in USA, Paris, London and Berlin,

Few of these attacks targeted


foreigners and they happened far from the touristic sites.

And also,

there is another problem the western media exaggerated the security situation in Egypt and not encourage people to make their

trips in the middle east countries.



You'll be lost a lot if you don't Come to Egypt to enjoy with the of ancient Egypt,

the land of Pharaohs, the amazing country on the Nile.

The history of seven thousand years civilization,

Egypt is a touristic destination from thousands of years,

Every year millions of people visit Egypt , It's a good idea to make Egypt the next plan and point to visit,

In Egypt, there are many splendours ancient attractions you can visit and enjoy.



There is a list of places to know the most interesting places in Egypt:


1-the great pyramids of Giza with the Sphinx the only wonder still remaining from the ancient world.

2- the Old Cairo, with it's two parts Coptic and Islamic. The famous places among them Khan el-Khalili market, el-Moez street.

3- the Egyptian Museum and the Citadel of Salah el-Din

4- the great temples of Karnak and Luxor temple

5- the Valley of the kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon.

6- the High dam, Temple of Philae and the Elephantine Island.

7- the Nubian village

8- Marsa Alam

9-Sharm el-Sheik

10- Hurgada

11-Siwa Oasis


Police    Tourist 

They are in all over Egypt, especially in the touristic sites,

they are designated to protect you and make sure that You're Safe.

Don't be afraid if you see the policemen in the street with rifles Egypt,

This might be unusual sight in your county but its normal in especially after the revolution of  25 January. .


The Egyptian people



The Egyptian are very friendly and kind for this reason don't let a chance to talk with them and gain experience from them,

don't be afraid of speaking with the people in the streets or ask them for any help,

The western media published bad news about the people in middle east,

but in fact, people are very helpful.

Maybe when you are walking in the street some that building things walk behind you don't be afraid,

because this is a business for them. it's a normal thing in Egypt and a new experience for you 

Is Egypt safe at night for tourists?

It's very safe to walk at night in the streets of Egypt, All the cafes, restaurant and markets are opened.

The people are in the streets until the moon.

Also, there are check points at everywhere to protect you and make sure that you're in safe and spend your vacation without problem and with happiness.

Is probably get lost on the big markets in Cairo, but it is very usually and funny,

because the Egyptian themselves get lost in these markets. but all the friendly Egyptian will help you.

Health precaution 

- You shouldn't eat from any local restaurant that not recommended from your guide

- you shouldn’t drink unblotted water.

-you shouldn't bath in the river Nile

-Egypt is very sunny for this reason many tourists might suffer from sunburn if the aren't careful, for this reason you should take

the proper precaution and drinking bottled water.

- there aren't any obligatory vaccinations that should be taken before coming to Egypt, for the children and the senior people

must take vaccinations against Hepatitis C and Typhoid.




Finally, in short,

Egypt in general is safe especially in the touristic sites.

You should always listen and stay updated with the local news and always be wary of the current situation,

Everything in Egypt is very good and the daily life continued as usual.