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Christmas in Egypt


Christmas in Egypt



The majority of the population of Egypt is Muslims. about 15% of the population are Christians, and they are the only group who celebrate Christmas as a religious festival. The most Christians in Egypt belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church.


Egypt in the celebrations of the Christmas and the New Year is very colorful and glowing with lights, fireworks, games and music. And the festivals bring spirt of joy, love and cooperation between all the sects in Egypt. No only the Christians who celebrate with the Christmas, also Muslims celebrate Christmas as a civil holiday. The Egyptian decorated the homes, hotels, parks and the streets with Christmas trees, colored lights, garland, wreaths and ornaments.


In Egypt, Santa is called Baba Noel or Father Christmas. He climbs the windows and leaves presents for the children, who leave some kahk out for him. Christmas is a very great commercial festival as the most major markets and supermarkets sell Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and food. In the morning of the Christmas, families and friends visit each other to celebrate Christmas together.


-Things you should know about Christmas in Egypt


 1-Over 10% of the Egyptian Population are Christmas





The majority of Egyptians are Muslims and the minority are Christians about 10 million Christians from the population of Egypt.


2- 7th of January is Christmas day in Egypt




The Christians- Orthodox Copts in Egypt aren't celebrate with the Christmas on 25th December as usual in the most of the world, but they celebrate the Christmas on 7th January, according to Coptic Orthodox Church, which follows the Coptic calendar, and the Coptic calendar is based on the solar calendar that was used in ancient Egypt. the Armenian celebrate Christmas on 6th January. There are many countries which celebrate Christmas on 7th January along with Egypt, for example Ethiopia, Russia, Serbia and Palestine.


3-The Coptic Month leading to Christmas is called "Kiahk"




The month of Kiahk is the fourth month in the Egyptian Coptic calendar.


4-Christmas day is preceded by 43 days of fasting





The fast starting on 25th of Nov and finishing on 6th of Jan. this special fast called" The Holly Nativity Fast". They don't eat any meat or dairy products during all the days and nights of fasting.


5-Devotees gather at churches on Christmas Eve




On Coptic Christmas Eve, Coptic Christians go to church for a special service. Normally the services start about 10.30pm and finished after midnight, sometimes in some chapels lasting till dawn.


6- There is a wonderful Iftar after the end of the Christmas Eve




After the ending of the services, Christians people back to their homes to break their fast with splendid banquet of meat, poultry and eggs.


Fatta is the most popular dish that served that night, which contains rice, bread, boiled lamb meat or beef and on the top of the dish they put garlic and vinegar.


7- Cup of tea with Kahk el Eid the principal habit in Christmas morning




on the morning of the Christmas, Christians people visit each other and celebrate Christmas together and offering Kahk el Eid or special sweet biscuits as gifts to each other.


8-The story of the holy family's trip to Egypt is told




The holy family spent about four years in Egypt according to the sayings of the historians. The journey of the holy family started in Sinai and ended in Durnaka, Assuit.


9-Christmas is a good situation to gathering all the Egyptians Muslims and Christians




All the Egyptians take part in this celebration as a secular holiday. They decorated their houses and the streets with Christmas trees.


10- How to say Merry Christmas in Arabic




The mother language in Egypt is Arabic and the most Egyptians speak Egyptian Arabic. Merry Christmas in Arabic is "Eid Milad Majid"


-How you can celebrate Christmas and New Year in Egypt?


If you come to Egypt in the Christmas, there are many interesting things you can do and enjoy in Egypt during the Christmas and the New Year celebrations. As Egypt is one of the richest and most varied histories in the world. You 'll experience the amazing culture and traditions that make it unique.


Anywhere in Egypt you will spend your holiday in it, you'll be witness to celebrations for the Christmas and New Year season.


1-Nile Cruises is the perfect choose for you




Nile cruises is one of the most enjoyable experience that you must include in your journey in Egypt that it will make it unforgettable journey. You don't miss the celebration of the Christmas on the board of the Nile. On the board of the Nile cruises they presented festive meals for their guests and many other means of entertainment like parties, shows and music.


There are many Nile cruises you can choose between them, about 300 Nile cruise boats. the most of the Nile Cruises in Egypt sail between Luxor and Aswan to visit the East Bank and West Bank in Luxor, and the High Dam, Philae Temple in Aswan. The Nile cruise takes three or four days and the longer one takes six or seven days.


There are two types of the Nile cruise Package, Nile Cruises on full board and Nile Cruises on All Inclusive Bases.




2- Best Places in Cairo for The Christmas




Cairo is the current capital of Egypt, contain several ancient sites and bazaars which attract the tourist from all over the world.


- The most interesting and famous attraction in Cairo is the Great Pyramids of Giza the only wonder still remaining from the ancient world, the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mecerinus with the Great Sphinx. The Pyramids were built as tombs of pharaohs and inside these tombs there are all the things that they will need in the second life.


-The Egyptian Museum, is the home of more than 120.000 artifacts from all Egypt and is one of the largest museums in the world. It contains the amazing golden collection of the king Tutankhamun.


-Khan Al-Khalili Bazar, it is one of the largest and oldest markets in Egypt and it was built in the 4th century in cairo. it is very tiny but have all the types of goods and products such as spices, clothes, perfumes, and jewelry.


3-Christmas on the beach





In Egypt, there are several amazing resorts and beaches where you can spend Christmas. You can head to Sharm el-Sheik, Marsa Alam, Hurghada, or Dahab. These ideal coasts are surround by white sands, crystal and clear water and palm trees. In these coastal resorts you can enjoy with many activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and kite and wind surf. It is an amazing chance to relax and spend special time in the sunny and warm beaches.



4-Explore the Holy Coptic Attractions in Egypt





There are many churches and Coptic attractions and sites that you can visit and explore during the Christmas in Egypt. you'll be amazed when you see the beautiful churches all over Egypt. like Saint Mary Church, Abu Serga Church, the Hanging Church, St. George Church and Monastery and Coptic Orthodox Church. These churches and more are from the oldest churches in the world. The churches are well- decorated with Christmas trees, colorful ribbons, fresh wreath and adorable mangers.