Valley of the kings and queen

Valley of the kings and queen

  • Valley of the kings:

Valley of the kings known by gates of the kings, used 500 hundred years as kings and nobles' tombs from 6th till 11th centuries on 18th dynasty "new kingdom", located in the western bank of the Nile river in mortuary city "Thebes" ancient capital of Egypt "Luxor", started buried in valley of the kings from 1539 B.C. till 1075 B.C. , the valley contains 63 tombs.

Valley of the kings contains the most famous tombs in ancient Egyptian history like king TUT tomb number 62 in valley of the king discovered in 1922 by Haward Carter; they buried the nobles they  buried them in a tomb carved in the stone , but the king must bury him beside his father except one of the kings "King Akhenaton" moved his tomb to "Amarna city" to his capital and left his unfinished tomb number 25 in valley of the kings.

In 19th and 20th dynasties the tombs increased beginning of king Ramses the 2nd and Ramses the 3rd tombs number 3 and 5, whose built the largest two tombs for them and for them sons.

  • Valley of the queens:


Valley of the queens knowns in ancient Egyptian language "T3-ST-NFR" means "the place of beauty" used to bury the ancient Egyptian queens , queens of 18th to 20th dynasty "1550-1070 B.C" ; buried there princesses and nobles  in the valley of the queens ; valley of the queens located beside valley of the kings in the western bank of the Nile river , front of valley of the queens a sacred cave for goddess "Hathor" goddess of beauty , the priests interested by the cave of goddess Hathor and doing rituals to reborn the queens after life.