The pyramids & sphinx

The pyramids & sphinx

•             The pyramids


 is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one which is remain intact you first stop will be in front of the pyramids of cheops 


which is consist of 2300000 blocks of stone average weight from 2.5 tons to fifteen tons made out of limestone and granite it’s real heights was 146.7 meters high but because of the erosion factors it was diminished to be 138 m height  it was covered with a fine limestone casing but it was demolished because of the erosion factors you can have the chance to go inside the pyramid and experience it from inside IT’S not recommended for the claustrophobic or if you have back or knee problems .then you will move to the second pyramids of

 Chefern   (khafra)

 which still containing the upper outer casing this pyramid looks higher than the rest of the pyramids because it was built on a higher hill around 10m higher than his father cheops the height of this pyramid is 136 m this pyramid was made out of white limestone and granite the blocks are interlocked as there is no space to insert a paper in between the blocks and then you will leave to the pyramids of

 Mykrinus         (menkaura)

 the smallest of the three for the grandson of cheops and the son of chefern  it’s 65 m high made out of limestone and red granite then heading toward the panoramic view area where you can get a perfect shots of the three pyramids and their complex as each pyramid has a complex consist of valley temple and causeway and mortuary temple and subsidiary pyramids for the wives daughters then getting down the valley to see


 which is consider the guard in of the necropolis which is represented with the head of the human being and the body of lion to combine between the intelligence of the human being and the strength of the lion sphinx it’s a Greek name from sphingo which means to squeeze as it used to strangled anyone who failed to answer his riddle and it derived from the ancient pharaonic name( ssph aank) which means the living image or hour m akhet which means hours in the horizon the length of this statue from paws to tail is 73m the height is 20m it rappresent the king chefren  the owner of the second pyramid he is represented wearing the Royal headdress the names and the false beard which is fallen down now