Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo

  • ·        Abu Serga and Bacchus Church:


One of the Oldest Coptic Church in Egypt, the church for Saints martyrs Abu Serga and Bacchus built on the spot of holy family's cave in 4th century.

Holy family are Mary ,Josef and Jesus came to Egypt during the scape journey and lived in the cave under the church ; in the 4th century who were Soldier saints Abu Serga and Bacchus martyred in Syria by a roman emperor the built the church over the cave.


  • ·        Jewish Temple:


One of the bigger and important old Egyptian Jewish temple in Egypt located in Old Cairo; the original building was orthodox church Known by " candles church " after then the orthodox sold the church for the Jewish community and became Jewish temple because of Ahmed Ben Talon increased taxes on Christian people and known by " Ezra the writer " Temple; Ezra is one of the important Jewish inks ; archeologists and the Jewish in new era called the temple " Ginza Temple " the church sold in 882 A.D. and restored but the building destroyed with the time and the Jewish community rebuilt in 1890 A.D .


  • ·        Babylon Fortress:


Babylon Fortress is a roman fort built by emperor Trajan in the 2nd century, located in the south side of the Candle Castle; in the 4th century emperor “Arcadius ”restored and extended the fortress , most of stones used to build the fortress from ancient Egyptian Pharaonic temples , and controlled by Amr Ibn Elass in 641A.D to enter Islam to Egypt , the fortress known by candles castle because they used to light candles on one the fortress towers once every new month to watch the moving of the sun ray from tower to tower.


  • ·        Hanging church:


One of the most interest and oldest church in Egypt; it said the church built over a ruins of a place the holy family took refuge in during the three years they spent in Egypt Escaped from emperor "Herodias" in Palestine because he ordered to kill any of new born ; the Hanging church built over two towers of the Babylon fortress no more foundation for the church more than those two towers , the church restored several times throughout the ages , it contain two floors and small fountain and eight pillars from Marble and one of them from basalt stone ; the church contains the relics of saints interested by the church throughout ages , the doors and the structure of the church made from ebony wood feeds by ivory , design of the church effected by Islamic design discover a niche in front of the fountain and inscriptions over the doors by three language Coptic , Arabic " the Islamic way " and Hebrew and we can see again the Jewish star " Dawood star " in the hanging church back to a story for a Jewish family visited the church.